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Questions related to COVID-19

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, measures had to be taken to decrease its spread. Many businesses had to close their doors, and others had to take special measures to remain open. American Dental Care is no exception, which is why we have decided to create this section that will be constantly updated with questions and answers related to COVID-19 and our office.
Will your dental office still be open?
The medical and dental areas are considered essential activities, so we can continue to serve our patients without any problem. We only have to take the necessary safety measures. So yes, our office continues to be open and receiving patients.
Are you doing all kinds of dental work?
Are you taking special measures to prevent infection and the spread of COVID-19?
What kind of measures are you taking?
Do you have any special protocols before receiving a patient?
What other recommendations are you giving to your patients?
Are your payment methods still the same?
What kind of protective barriers is your staff using?
What are you doing to avoid crowds in your waiting room?
  1. We are limiting the number of patients per day.
  2. We are also scheduling spaced appointments between patients.

This consists of scheduling appointments with plenty of time between patients to have enough time to prepare our facilities and prepare ourselves, and to avoid the patient having to spend a lot of time in the waiting room.

  1. We're asking the patient to come to his appointment alone, if he or she needs a companion, maximum one person (both with facemask).
What specialties are still working?
Are you taking any extra measures besides hygiene, sterilization, and social distancing?
What is informed consent?
And are the border crossing authorities taking action as well?
What does it mean that the border crossing is partially closed?
What about the Health Checkpoint?
Are there any other extra safety measures that are being taken generally?

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